A Hot in Chicago
Christmas Short Story

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I posted this short story in five installments to my Facebook readers' group, Kate's Kittens, to give them a little taste of the Dempseys over the holidays. The story focuses on Eli and Alexandra, but everyone gets a look in, especially Gage, who would never let anything be written without trying to nab some of the spotlight for himself :-) Composed on the fly, it's largely unedited, so excuse any typos or glaring continuity errors. Enjoy!

Note: Only available as a PDF download and contains spoilers to previous Hot in Chicago stories.

Did you miss my other short freebie featuring Eli and Alexandra? Check out AFTER THE FIRE which takes place after the end of PLAYING WITH FIRE, but before that story's epilogue.

Remind me again of where this fits into the Hot in Chicago timeline...

0.5 REKINDLE THE FLAME (Beck and Darcy), novella, e-only, also available in the BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE anthology
1.   FLIRTING WITH FIRE (Luke and Kinsey)
1.5 MELTING POINT (Gage and Brady), novella, e-only
2.   PLAYING WITH FIRE (Eli and Alexandra)
2.1 AFTER THE FIRE (more Eli/Alex)
3.   SPARKING THE FIRE (Wyatt and Molly)