Chicago Rebels

Three powerful, kick-ass sisters. A team of hard-bodied ice warriors. A failing hockey franchise, its glory days long gone. Meet the heroes and heroines determined to raise the Chicago Rebels out of the gutter and shine up the team’s tarnished armor.

Half-sisters Harper, Isobel, and Violet can barely stand to be in the same room together, but fate has conspired to give them joint control of their father’s beloved hockey franchise on his death. However, the “tools” they need to succeed (read: stubborn hockey hotties) need to step up their game. And when love’s on the line, who’s ready to shoot, score, and bag the biggest prize of all?

The world is watching, the stakes monumental. Three women forging ahead in the testosterone-soaked universe of professional sports. A band of broken-down players looking for a way back to the big time.  Games won and lost, love lost and found.

The Chicago Rebels will be tested . . . and only the strongest will survive.

Do I need to read the Chicago Rebels series in order?
All the books are standalones as far as the romances are concerned - one couple per book, no cliffhangers! - but because the books take place over the course of one season, there's a definite build as the team's story plays out in the drive to the playoffs. Starting with IRRESISTIBLE YOU will probably make the payoff more rewarding, but you may as well begin with IN SKATES TROUBLE because it's free. Here's the order:

0.5 IN SKATES TROUBLE (Ford and Addison), e-novella (FREE in all the places)
1.   IRRESISTIBLE YOU (Remy and Harper)
2.   SO OVER YOU (Vadim and Isobel)
3.   UNDONE BY YOU (Dante and Cade), e-novella
4.   HOOKED ON YOU (Bren and Violet)
4.5 WRAPPED UP IN YOU (more Dante and Cade) e-novella - November 2019

Are the books available in print and audio?
Yes to print on Books 1, 2, and 4. Yes to audio on Books 1 and 2.

However, print is being handled differently than my past releases. There is a print option for the full-length novels (1, 2, and 4) but they will not be available in brick and mortar bookstores. There are boring publishing reasons for this, but no worries because you can order print books from online vendors like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Book Depository - which ships free worldwide. I will also have print books available at signings. Books 0.5, 3, and 4.5 are novellas, are only available in digital, and will likely never be available in audio (sorry!).

Tell me more about the heroes!

  • Ford (IN SKATES TROUBLE) – Chicago born and raised, younger than heroine, driven AF, looks like a Viking.

  • Remy (IRRESISTIBLE YOU) – Cajun hockey veteran, caretaker alpha, uber-romantic, woos with sandwiches.

  • Vadim (SO OVER YOU) – Russian hockey god, failed to give heroine an orgasm the first time around when they were teens and he took her virginity (ouch!), now he’s back to do her right.

  • Dante (UNDONE BY YOU) – Former player, the Rebel’s general manager, first openly gay executive in pro hockey. His hero? Closeted, younger player on his team. So many complications, all of them delicious.

  • Bren (HOOKED ON YOU) – Grumpy, bearded Scot, recovering alcoholic, adores his two young daughters, might need a nanny. (You see where this is going, right?)

And the ladies . . .

  • Addison (IN SKATES TROUBLE) - full-figured former model, now designer, older than hero, calls it how she sees it.

  • Harper (IRRESISTIBLE YOU) - petite blonde with ladyballs of steel, needs someone to show her she's worth the trouble.

  • Isobel (SO OVER YOU) - hockey and Olympic champion turned coach after injury, done with boy drama and domineering divas—especially ones with sexy, Russian accents . . .

  • Violet (HOOKED ON YOU) - Stevie Nicks-loving, free-spirited Latina, treating her life as a do-over, has a weakness for grumpy :)

I'm not a hockey fan. Will I be confused? or I am a hockey fan. Are you going to piss me off because you don't know anything about my favorite sport?
No, to both! Hockey will figure BUT it won't overtake the books. I prefer to focus on the romance, including the team bromances, giving you enough game detail to keep it real yet not bore the non-sports lovers.

Are there links between this and the Hot in Chicago series?
Read and see!

What’s this about new Rebels stories?
That’s right, I’m working hard on the next generation of Rebels romances, a spin-off series called Rookie Rebels. The first book, GOOD GUY, is out now.