Chicago Rebels

Checking hearts in 2017

Three hard-bodied ice warriors. Three powerful, gorgeous sisters. A failing hockey franchise, its glory days long gone. Meet the heroes and heroines determined to raise the Chicago Rebels out of the gutter and shine up the team’s tarnished armor.

The last place hockey gods Remy, Vadim, and Bren expect to find redemption is with a down-on-its-luck NHL franchise run by three bickering sisters, but redemption they need. Brought low by fate, these men aren’t looking for the complications of love, but they won’t say no to sex. After all, both victors and vanquished need sensual comfort.

Be careful what you wish for…

Half-sisters Harper, Izzy, and Violet can barely stand to be in the same room together, but fate has conspired to give them joint control of their father’s beloved hockey franchise on his death. However, the “tools” they need to succeed (read: stubborn hockey hotties) need to step up their game. And when love’s on the goal line, who’s ready to shoot, score, and bag the biggest prize of all?

The world is watching, the stakes monumental. Three women forging ahead in the testosterone-soaked world of professional sports. Three broken-down players looking for a way back to the big time.  Games won and lost, love lost and found.

The Chicago Rebels will be tested . . . and only the strongest will survive.