Rookie Rebels

A spin-off series from my bestselling Chicago Rebels hockey romances, the Rookie Rebels feature heroes who are “rookies” but not in the way you think. No green, fresh-out-of-college man babies here! These are weathered guys who’ve had their NHL careers put on hold for reasons such as military service, life-threatening injury, or unspeakable tragedy. Their second acts and roads to redemption will be with everyone’s favorite hockey team, the Chicago Rebels!

Each book is completely standalone and won’t require that you’ve read the original Chicago Rebels stories. But if you’ve missed them, you may as well catch up because there’ll be plenty of cameos from the OG crew!

  1. GOOD GUY (Levi and Jordan)

  2. INSTACRUSH (Theo and Elle) - December 2019

  3. MAN DOWN (Gunnar’s story) - July 2020

The books are available in ebook and print, and coming soon in audio.