Hello, Bloggers!

Are you interested in reading and reviewing my books? I’d love to share my upcoming releases with you and I appreciate all reviews, good or bad. My next book, GOOD GUY, releases July 30, 2019. This first entry in my new Rookie Rebels series is set in the same world as the Chicago Rebels.

A few things:

  • I can’t promise everyone an ARC, but I’ll do my best.

  • Signing up for the list in no way obligates you to read any of my books. I recognize that life happens and am so grateful for any support you can give :)

  • Preference will be given to reviewers with blogs and/or active Goodreads/Amazon/Instagram accounts. If you’re a reader who doesn’t usually write reviews, you may want to join my Kate’s Kittens readers’ group instead. I usually distribute a few ARCs there ahead of release.

  • At this time, I can’t accommodate review requests for backlist titles as most of them are traditionally published.

Thank you!


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